Now Available: Apple Pay

Now Available: Apple Pay

At TechnoDeals USA we want you to feel as secure as possible when purchasing from us. So now on top of offering a secured credit card checkout, and PayPal, we’re now accepting Apple Pay. Providing the safety and security that Apple Pay offers with our great prices, giving you an even better experience.To use Apple Pay just click on your cart and select Apple Pay as your method of choice. If you’re using your phone just double tap the side or home button and you’ll be set all in a matter of …
Nov 7th 2018 Hussein Ali
SAS vs. SATA, which should you get?

SAS vs. SATA, which should you get?

When trying to figure out which hard drive you should be getting there always seems to be two main choices you’ll come across SAS and SATA. We’ll help you figure out what the difference is between the two and which one would be best for you to put into your system. Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, or SATA, drives are the next generation computer bus interface from the parallel interface ATA. Serial Attached SCSI, or SAS, drives are faster than SATA drives, but they are also usually …
Nov 5th 2018 Hussein Ali
Wait, what does that product condition actually mean?

Wait, what does that product condition actually mean?

As part of our goal to become the most transparent server parts shop, we want to make sure that we close any barrier of confusion that we tend to see with our products. The most common questions that I seem to find with our consumers is that they want to know "What is the condition of this product?" or "What Does New Grade A Pull mean?". So we a created a simple graphic to show the difference in all of our product condition variations. The products are previously used but, have be …
Oct 30th 2018 Hussein Ali
Review of the Day: HP 1TB 7.2K 12G 2.5INCH 512E SC SAS Hard Drive  -  765464-B21

Review of the Day: HP 1TB 7.2K 12G 2.5INCH 512E SC SAS Hard Drive - 765464-B21

Review of the Day: HP 1TB 7.2K 12G 2.5INCH 512E SC SAS Hard Drive - 765464-B21A Server Hard Drives that suits your needs; 

Servers in this generation have to be top level as not only do they need to be efficient, fair priced and have ample storage that will be able to handle all of your needs. HP Server Hard Drives delivers on all this with your data center applications. You can store more data without having sacrifices other three critical components of a top hard drive. An HP Drive is …
Jun 27th 2018 Hussein Ali

Under the Sea, Data is better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me, You’ll see!

“50% of us live near the coast, why doesn’t our data.”Project Natik, a research project to build the first underwater datacenter to provide the cloud to users all over the world. We are in the second phase of this research project as last week they sank a shipping container off the coast of the Orkney Islands in which they will be able to measure how viable data centers are at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a significant development in environmental technology as data centers are known for …
Jun 10th 2018 Hussein Ali