IoT is Changing IT

IoT is Changing IT

It should be noted first and foremost that IoT is changing everything. Industries, technologies, and even entire countries that don’t seem affected by this movement aren’t fully aware of the direction in which our hyper-connected digital world is going. But for now, maybe no professional industry has felt the biggest change from IoT then that of IT. From IT issues as varied as user access to server power supply, the rapid growth and depth of the IoT connectivity will challenge every aspect of an IT department and the professionals that work within it.

On a basic level, IoT (Internet of Things) has been around us for quite some time. Any item that connects to the Internet is inherently a part of the IoT, and things have been connecting to the Internet well before the band Nirvana even formed. But what has changed, and what is changing drastically, is the interconnectivity these devices have begun to take on, along with the rapid nature of this development. Security analysts were among the first to take note and with just cause; when IoT objects are assembled en mass, their effects on every part of the world can be extreme (in both a positive and negative way). IT departments are surely aware of this now and will be even more so in the coming years.

A report by Cisco in 2015 showed that 25 billion devices were connected to each other, or a bit over three times as many people are even alive on Earth at the moment. That number is expected to double and hit 50 billion devices by 2020. Its growth in the decades from there is more a function of your imagination than any solid numbers.

For IT professionals, this explosion in the amount of IoT devices opens up a few fields of major concerns. For one, most people not moderately involved in IT or technology don’t even know what IoT is let alone which devices in their home or office are a part of this growing digital garden (here’s a hint: probably all of them). This lack of awareness can lead to serious security vulnerabilities, and the personal information that can be gathered on an IoT device is often varied and valuable. Encryption concerns, cloud security, network access, and even the safekeeping of server power supplies are a few of many areas deserving of attention and reassessment for the modern IT department. The professionals at TechnoDeals USA are constantly monitoring the impact of IoT on their products and clientele. For more information, contact TechnoDeals USA at 407-830-7121, and be sure to sign-up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Mar 5th 2018 Hussein Ali

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