Meet Western Digital New Powerhouse: HGST Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB HDD

In December 2017, Western Digital announced it a 14 TB, conventional magnetic recording hard drive which would be its highest capacity hard drive recording to date. Over two weeks ago, Western Digital released the HGST Ultra star DC HC530 which could store 14 TB of data with smooth, consistent readings due to its perpendicular magnetic recording and two-dimensional magnetic recording. Along with 267 MB/s sustained transfer rate that will be able to handle all of your enterprise server request or random write workloads. As SSD start to evolve to become affordable for data centers, it’s great to see companies making a powerhouse of a hard drive for current data centers.

What’s TDMR (Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording) and why do I need it?

So in it’ simplicity it was just way for getting higher capacity for SMR drives but with an HDD with 2 to 3 independent read elements that can that increase the connectivity to from other tracks to cancel noise.

The HGST Ultrastar HC350 built for performance rated at 550 TB/ annual workloads, a 2.5 million hours MTBF and a five-year limited warranty. The specifications regarding performance this hard drive includes a 267 MB/s sustained transfer rate, a 4.16 ms average latency, and 7.5 ms seek time. Regarding security with the Ultrastar, DC HC530 has its self-encryption capability, instant secure erase feature security, and TCG (Trusted Computer Grouping) encryption to various parties. This drive will be available in both SAS and SATA interfaces.


Specification SATA SAS
Load/ Unload Cycles  600,000 600,00
Interface  SATA  6 GB/s SATA 12 GB/S 
Capacity 14 TB  14 TB 
Data Buffer  512  512 
Rotational Speed  7200  72000
Latency Average  4.16 4.16 
Transfer Rate 600 1200
Seek Time 7.5 7.5
MTBF  2.5 2.5

Where to purchase?

Currently, we have very little information on when consumers will be able to purchase this drive as it’s intended just big companies and data centers requiring this large capacity.

That being said here at Techno deals USA we have a high capacity Dell 8 TB Hard Drive at a fair price of $385.00 

May 4th 2018 Hussein Ali

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