Review of the day: The Seagate 600 GB 15K 6G LFF SAS HDD ST3600057SS

Review of the day: The Seagate 600 GB 15K 6G LFF SAS HDD ST3600057SS

A veteran SAS hard drive of great reputation and reliability, it’s hard to go wrong with the Seagate ST3600057SS. Seagate, as a technology company, is renowned with a worldwide network of instruments in public and private use. Well-established in the computer systems corporation industry (1978); trust in their products runs deep. If you need a new hard drive for a server build or for a server backup, you couldn’t do better than an Seagate product.

In the world of hard drives, the specifications rule the land. And so for this brain brick they come in at:

  • 600 GB capacity memory
  • 15K RPM speed
  • 3.5 inch disc
  • An interface of 6Gb/s

This unit also has a rapid 16 MB buffer rate, good for anything from highly technical network to a simple, everyday family desktop use. SAS hard drives are always a top stocked item at TechnoDeals USA for a variety of reasons. Suzzy’s (as they are lovingly known) are reliable and great with large measures of data; they incorporate themselves easily in most operating systems and are well-known within the field. They do it all.

SAS hard drives come in a pretty wide-range of prices, which usually relate to memory capacity (among other things), so the current $95.00 online offering for the ST3600057SS is a terrific value. Whether needed in bulk to facilitate the creation of a server system, or in single for a modern tower or laptop disk replacement, this drive is a solid fit. Hard drives of this nature tend to have long service lives, so making a simple investment in this piece of equipment can keep your systems reliable and up-to-date into the foreseeable future. And the future is filled with SAS hard drives.

With both Seagate and TechnoDeals USA, quality is key. At TechnoDeals, we offer the customer service to back up the excellence in all of the products we sell. International shipping is available on the ST3600057SS SAS hard drive, and we even have a hotline for any questions or concerns at 407-901-9118. You can also feel free to e-mail us anytime at From Hitachi to HP to, and as we see here, Seagate, we have it all, and can help you with any computer needs.

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Jan 30th 2018 Hussein Ali

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