Server vs. Data Center: What’s Right for Your Business?

Server vs. Data Center: What’s Right for Your Business?

The debate between server and data centers has only become more important as businesses rely increasingly on depth, as well as security, of information. Choosing the right server hard drive can often serve as a catalyst to a young company. Conversely, going the wrong direction, whether it is with an incompatible server setup or a distant data center, can be a stinging setback.

So what’s the best decision for your business? The direction you go will mainly depend on what you value most for your IT infrastructure. But when thinking about the big-picture, there does appear to be clear-cut advantages associated with server hard drive systems that offsite data centers just cannot match.

Some of the easiest to highlight:


One of the most important aspects of an onsite server hard drive system is the overall control it affords a business owner. You and your staff can now determine the structure of information, as well as the best ways to access it. There are no intermediaries to contact in the event of an emergency, or simply needing to accomplish something quickly.

Ability to change

Part of having more control is the ability to easily change and manage your growth. A home-based server system can be scaled up or down, and done so on your time schedule. Modern innovations in computer hardware have allowed for IT to become possible at a lower cost and with better flexibility; it’s easiest to take advantage of these opportunities with a server system all your own.

Better Security

A talking point of any data and information storage unit, security is going to be the foremost concern for any business. No system allows for greater access control and an intricate knowledge of security applications than an on-site server hard drive. Grant access to as few employees as you deem necessary, and structure security keys on precise levels. Off-site data centers do not allow this level of precision within a security complex, and your business cannot be as certain of the precautions taken when such critical tasks are assumed by a processing center.

It should be noted that there are drawbacks to having an on-site server hard drive. These can include a greater investment of personal time, an intensified focus on physical infrastructure, and up-front costs. In the big picture, these investments, in time and money, pay for themselves and more as you become the commander of your data universe.

Feb 1st 2018 Hussein Ali

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