TechnoDeals USA, interview with CEO Hussein Ali

TechnoDeals USA, interview with CEO Hussein Ali

Q: How/why did TechnoDeals USA get started?

A: It started ten years ago as just as a B2B business with the idea that the company would be able to grow.

Q: Why do you do what you do? What inspires you?

A: It’s started as just my business, but as things became more digital, I started seeing the growth potential. The ability to get a more direct customer experience and build relationships inspires me every day.

Q: Tell us about the people that work at TechnoDeals USA. How many employees do you have working for you? 7

Name Christopher Landaverde

Title: Web Representative

Background: Full Stack Developer, Recent Grad

How long have they been working for the company? 8 Months

Q: What do they love about their job?

A: They love being in the quick-paced nature of the IT Industry.

Q: What do they love about technology?

A: The evolving nature of technology and the pace that it's moving in this generation.

Q: Favorite TechnoDeal USA memory?

A: The discussions on the future of the website and what we can be doing to optimize the site.

Q: Tell us about TechnoDeals USA’s purpose/core values/and mission.

A: To deliver great products at low prices with excellent customer service.

Q: Do you have a unique background or experience making you an expert?

A: The experience of doing B2B has to lead me to be an expert on IT products, but I think my ability to continually want to improve helps a lot in the way I run my company.

How do you describe your company and what you do?

A: I run a successful growing e-commerce business that sells server parts

Q: What kind of experience can your customers expect from TechnoDeals USA? How will their lives be made better?

A: We sell server parts but more importantly we sell time, we are continually working on making the process simple and take less time to order a product so the customer can go back to their daily life.

Q: Why do your customers buy from you?

A: We offer the best prices, and we can do fast shipping.

Q: What customer pain points do you commonly hear?

A: We work tirelessly on trying to make our shipping flawless, but we do sometimes have issues when it comes to shipping. It’s a rarity, but it’s the only complaint customers tend to have with our company.

Q: What value do they receive?

A; They receive assurance that we always try to constantly hit the mark on achieving the lowest prices and the fastest shipping.

Q: What problem do your products solve?

A: The problem that our products solve are tech-related issues

Q: What have you learned about your work with server parts?

A: Server parts become a gray market as technology evolves and business may not evolve as fast when it comes to new server parts. So there’s a demand for these products that HP or Dell doesn’t make.

Q: What was most surprising to you about server parts?

A: The never-ending global demand for these server parts.

Q: What’s next? Where is your company heading?

A: We see so much potential with our website, we are working on making the shopping experience as simple as possible. I like the idea of innovating in ways this gray market hasn’t done before that will make our customers happy.

Q: With so many server parts out there, why should others choose to buy from you?

We are transparent with the condition of our products which is essential in this market, and we try to able to keep our prices low.

Q: Is there are particular moment or memory that stands out for you?

A: The ability to have our website was a big deal because it showed that we reached enough growth that we would able to now use our platform to sell our products.

Q: Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

A: Our thousandth server part sold it was symbolic that this company’s growth had no bounds.

Q: What is your company's greatest asset?

A: Our staff as they are all problem solvers that do whatever they can to get the job done.

Q: What else do you think people should know about your company?

A: If you’re ordering a high quantity and you’re on the website but are not satisfied with the price, contact us for a possible better price

Jun 26th 2018 Christopher Landaverde

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