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Developing the finest in;SATA hard drives;for the better part of a century, Western Digital is a cornerstone company with superior products and a tremendous track record. So it’s with great pride that TechnoDeals USA sells its line of hard drive, and in this case, SKU number WD2003FYPS. The statistics on this device, as with most hard drives, tell the tale: 7200 RPMs, 2TBs, and a 64 MB cache all within an HDD mainframe. This device is a next-level hard drive for the modern age built to maximize the performance of any device to which it is installed. For context, a 2TB hard drive will carry about 400,000 digital photos, nearly half a million MP3 files and 10-days worth of HD video. These are impressive drives with high capacity as their guiding force. And as SATA hard drives, it also works hard to protect all of that valuable data: with vibration control technology and corruption protection abilities.; This particular Western Digital drive is built for advanced performance and response, as data is only useful if you can access it quickly and easily. Most of these devices will be installed as additional hard drive support for home computer systems, but they are also practical as the primary source of power. With versatility and top of the line capability, Western Digital’s WD2003FYPS SATA hard drive is sought-after and well-regarded. And in the ongoing battle between SATA and SAS hard drives, this particular device puts forward an impressive statement for the power and efficiency of SATA.

The data numbers that this hard drive can handle speak for themselves:

2 TB's of memory

7200 RPM speed abilities

64 mb CACHE

HDD Mainframe

And our warranties and easy shipping make this product an even more attractive option. We offer a 1-year replacement warranty and offer the WD2003FYPS at a mere $88.00 (US). Discounts based on high-volume purchases are usually available with our products, and this;
SATA hard drive;is no different. Please feel free to e-mail us regarding specific quotes with your exact order size. Beyond that, we do offer same day delivery, as well as shipping options via FedEx. Advanced products and superior customer service are the hallmarks of TechnoDeals USA; for more information feel free to contact us anytime at 407-830-7121. ; ;